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A Meeting of the Minds

December 29, 2009
Ginger, Blia, and Gema

Student transfer specialists Ginger Reyes (CSUCI), Blia Yang (UCSB), and Gema Espinoza (VC) discuss how to ensure the success of Ventura College STEM students seeking transfers to these colleges.

The mission of the STEM program at Ventura College is to enhance the number of students enrolling as STEM majors at Ventura college (VC) as well as increase the number of VC STEM majors that articulate to California State University, Channel Islands (CSUCI) and the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB).

In support of that mission, Ventura College has committed to strengthening the curriculum offered at Ventura College by purchasing high tech equipment for student and faculty use, providing the mentoring and tutoring help students need, and giving students the opportunity to explore different STEM disciplines through the Introduction to STEM Disciplines class (IDS V88E).

But do these steps really help STEM students?

Well, according to the transfer specialists at CSUCI and UCSB, it sure does! By coordinating activities with these institutions, providing advanced warning of changes in transfer criteria, and providing students the experiential experience favored by research labs, Ventura College alumni are given the upper-hand during the selection process.

And, even more importantly, Ventura College students seem to agree that the STEM program offers them substantial benefits. Did you know that close to 150 Ventura College students proudly affiliate themselves with the STEM program? If you are one of these 150, then welcome to the family! If you’re not, what are you waiting for, a link?

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