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As the Dust Settles

February 6, 2010

Ventura College's AA-building before the remodel....

...and then after the remodel.

Winter break is a welcome chance for students and faculty to relax, but lots of work still happens while we’re away. In fact, a lot of the work over this break was related to Ventura College’s STEM program.

The STEM program offers support to students pursuing STEM majors. This support comes in many forms, some of which are obvious, such as textbook loans, transfer counseling, and internship opportunities. Other forms of support, although of equal importance, may be less obvious. This type of support includes strengthening Ventura College’s STEM courses by way of new research equipment purchases, curriculum revisions, and facility enhancements.

One of the biggest enhancements to Ventura College’s STEM facilities took place in the AA building. Home to programs including Agriculture, Construction Technology, Anthropology, and Forensics, the AA building was cozy but out-dated. The Winter break remodel corrected that by dramatically increasing storage, expanding counter-top space, and expanding electrical and data-sharing capacity. Additional modifications enhanced access to disabled persons and increased student capacity within the classrooms.

All of these enhancements serve to expand the opportunities available to faculty and students conducting basic research in STEM fields. By taking this approach, Ventura College has taken a leadership role in facilitating the success of STEM students. If you are interested in a STEM major, let Ventura College help you gain the advantage you need. Enroll NOW!

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